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[Avi] Stranger in Moscow [Avi] Stranger in Moscow

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The only thing I found wrong this remix was the intro. The kick drum was stale sounding and the hi hat was sorta stiff. The first instrument you used around 12 seconds in was also kinda strange, but it worked I guess, especially the way its used.
The main synth is pretty rough, not smooth like the synth that echoes it,and kinda loud. The piano that comes in later in the song sounds pretty dull, but the basoon kinda balances it out one point.

Those are the only things that bothered me, everything else was terrific.
MJ would be proud to hear this.

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Aviation responds:

You're pretty used to this, aren't you?

Anyway, thanks for the tips. I look forward to future reviews, dude.

SatBK - Misty Lake SatBK - Misty Lake

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Damn this is bittersweet for me...


Ah well, on to the review.

Its kinda loud yes, but the main synth annoys me to no end. It just sticks out more than anything. I probably would've liked this a bit more had it not sounded so...IDK organic and plain. The cymbals sound too blan, theres no excitement in them. Its like whoever is crashing them doesn't care about the song at all, and has several different things running across his mind.

Its a good song in all, but theres just not a "WHOA" moment, its sorta monotonous and boring.

~DJ Myke~

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Aviation responds:

...But I did have several things running across my mind, mainly why those stinkin' cymbals sounded so generic, but a lot was going on then. Besides, it's Misty Lake. Unless I was making a remix or rehash, there's not much "WHOA" to go on. o.o

Zelda: Windmill Zelda: Windmill

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nostalgia Inducing

One of the better Song of Storms arrangements. The original compostion of this song was already beautiful, and you've possibly made it better.
I just like the harmonies in this piece, especially towards the end.

I imagine myself standing in the rain after some tragedy has happened, just looking up into the gray, skies. Its as if the sky cries when listening to this, all worries melt away into nothingness.

Sorry for this review, I just couldn't think of anything to say other than what comes to mind when hearing this.

Soundshifter responds:

well thanks a lot mike. i'm glad this song was able to produce imagery in your mind's eye. thanks for listening.

Sonic Unleashed - E.D. Redux Sonic Unleashed - E.D. Redux

Rated 5 / 5 stars

FL Glory!

I wouldn't have been able to tell this was FL had not for the synth and the Soundgoodizer.Most people trash FL and say its for amateurs. You're helping me prove its not! That aside onto the review.

I 4got where this song is from. I'm thinking where you're the werehog fighting Eggman while falling to the center of the Earth(At least the 360 version) I could be wrong though. Its a very good remix, nice to hear some SU remixes.

Nice instrumentation! It suits the song perfectly! Good job on that!
I'm running out of thoughts to think, so I'll just stop thinking b4 my thoughts think to consume my thoughts that I was thinking...I think? lol


*{Sonic Heroes - Frog Forest}* *{Sonic Heroes - Frog Forest}*

Rated 5 / 5 stars

*Brooklyn Accent* Personally, I prefer this mix!

You never cease to amaze me Ellebirdy,honestly, I never cared for the original of this song. I liked how you threw the Sonic Heroes Main Theme in there to add some variation. I had to rewind it to catch it, I thought I was hearing

It sounds like a winter version of this stage (Those poor frogs lol) Its very relaxing as are most of your arrangements and songs, and it puts a unique spin on Sonic remixes. I liked the bells(?), especially in the beginning leading up to the body of the song, they helped set the tone of the piece. It gives off a heavenly, winter setting. I see no frogs (or any reptiles for that matter) when I envision what the level would look like with this theme playing.

VGSongbird responds:



I knew it was gonna be a challenge, because the song is literally two lines of melody, and I did my best. I'm glad you thought it was worth the effort ;)

and you KNOW I'm always thankful for you're 10 and for those reviews.

Happy Times Loop Happy Times Loop

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


This loop is strange to say the least.
It could use some improving as its very dull,monotonous, and just plain boring. Not trying to be mean or anything, just saying that there is room for improvement.

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Cruciatas responds:

Its just a test as i said before

Sonic 1 - Final Boss Sonic 1 - Final Boss

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yeah! Dedication!

You should've told me this was done.
The musical composition of this piece seems more complicated than all of your other songs. And yes you did a great job inducing your own style to this song.
This song WILL be in the intro just so you know.

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PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

OMG I totally forgot XD Sorry

Glad you like it. I'm glad it turned out great. I can't wait til the project is done, though I might have one more song coming your way.

Love, Midna Love, Midna

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm so amazed right now...

Simply because there are very few "good" Zelda arrangements out there and you just took a handfull and flipped ALL OF THEM into supreme sounding quality. It seems to be telling a story as well, and the voice and sound tidbits really help add on to that. (Like when Link gasps and you hear Ganondorf laughing maniacally right b4 his theme plays) Perhaps Midna wrote a letter to link b4 she left and as he is reading it he remembers everything that happened.
And although you missed one of my favorites and kept me waiting for it (Gerudo Valley) I forgive you lol.
Ilia's theme at the end was simply beautiful by the way,but I don't remember the song right b4 it, so could you help me out please?
A well earned 5/5 and 10/10 from me.
Downloaded,Faved,and added to the "Best VG Inspired Works of All Time" playlist. XD

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VGSongbird responds:


Thank You ^_^ I'm absolutely flattered.

I almost did Gerudo Valley, but I got scared I'd mess it up and backed off :S

The song right before Ilias theme (and before Gannondorf's Theme) was a mixed version of Hyrule field; I switched up the beats--and only used a piece of it of course (that song is long.)

Bejeweled Twist - Level 3 Bejeweled Twist - Level 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


While I've never heard the original, I gotta say if all of the Bejewled music is like this I might have to start playing that game.
Its very catchy,but its also somewhat reptitive. It seems sorta...incomplete to me, as if its missing a certain element,which causes me to keep one of your stars.
Thats just my opinion though, and it doesn't mean that its not a great song in itself.
It runs kinda long, but I actually don't mind it being long. In fact, I prefer 6 minutes of awesomeness than 30 seconds of extreme awesomeness (This song is extremely awesome, I was just using an example)
All in all a great song/arrangement.
*Goes to listen to original*

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PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

The original is pretty sweet. The game is fun. I might know what you mean by that missing element but I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps an example would help.

But I'm really glad you liked it.


Wishing Star Wishing Star

Rated 5 / 5 stars


For some reason I feel as though I've heard this song before. A strange case of Nostalgia just caught me. Anyway on to the review.

This song gives off a very peaceful,winter-ish vibe,even after the drums kick in. I forget all of my trouble listening to this. Its brilliant compostion,unique feel, and illuminscence is something you have to respect.The key changes made my day for some odd reason I can't explain :)
I can't think of any negatives about this song nor will I try.
The only thing that can make this song any greater would be you creating some lyrics and singing theme along with the song of course.

Lol you said "sloop" XD

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VGSongbird responds:

Well of COURSE ^_^ heehee

Doesn't this song just make you feel hyper?
and yes.

ok I better stop now. ^_^