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Short, sweet, and to the point. It sucks it wasn't selected though.
The only thing I noticed is that the mouth movements don't exactly synch too well. Other than that, great short.


...Is that it? Could've been better.

It was...IMO not horrible,but at the same time not decent.
The physics sucked...alot. It was very slow, especially when Luffy headbutted him, that guy should've easily avoided it. The fight was only about 20 secs, and the sound FX was horendous. It was fuzzy and was drowned out by the music,which was also fuzzy and loud. I'll guess that you probably don't know how to compress music and sounds so...

Right click the file in the library and hit "export settings"
I usually use 32kbs and Medium or best for the quality.
Experiment with it and you may find something you like better.

All in all it was a good try, but to slow. Your frame rate was between 12fps and 15fps right? Work with a higher frame rate compress your sounds, and the characters should at least try to dodge instead of just standing there.


HellBentGoose responds:

Luffy was holding Alex when he headbutted him, so of course he couldn't run or jump.
I admit that part was the slowest, but the fight..? It was a minute long! The sound was aight, but it was a bit fuzzy I agree. The SFX was ok IMO. I had the fps set to 10 fps (sounds crazy, i know), only because you could see Alex's combo on Luffy later on.

And they do dodge...just not very often! lol

Thanks for reviewing, and I will try to get better. Idk though, alot of games are starting to come out and I'm in the "game" phase again. So it might be awhile before 'ol Haden gets to work.

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Pretty Good,but

x2021x is right, Bowser is friggin' rigged I tell you. Everytime I get get close to beating him he jumps at me with an infinite wall of fire balls,that is impossible to get around. Other than that, its an actually an enjoyable game.

It could use some variety though. It became very boring beating up on the same enemy over and over. Some Power-ups and more levels wouldn't hurt either.
Thats pretty much sums the game up IMO.

Looking Forward to your next submission.


I hope you don't lose this flash

I really hope you don't lose this flash as I enjoyed beating it.( Yes people its possible) This seems creative and I've never seen anything like it on Newgrounds. In fact I'm trying to do the side scrolling part of the game in one of my projects and thought that I was the only who had came up with it. All in all this game was really enjoyable and challenging.

Keep up the excellent work and do your best.

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The only thing I found wrong this remix was the intro. The kick drum was stale sounding and the hi hat was sorta stiff. The first instrument you used around 12 seconds in was also kinda strange, but it worked I guess, especially the way its used.
The main synth is pretty rough, not smooth like the synth that echoes it,and kinda loud. The piano that comes in later in the song sounds pretty dull, but the basoon kinda balances it out one point.

Those are the only things that bothered me, everything else was terrific.
MJ would be proud to hear this.

Aviation responds:

You're pretty used to this, aren't you?

Anyway, thanks for the tips. I look forward to future reviews, dude.

Damn this is bittersweet for me...


Ah well, on to the review.

Its kinda loud yes, but the main synth annoys me to no end. It just sticks out more than anything. I probably would've liked this a bit more had it not sounded so...IDK organic and plain. The cymbals sound too blan, theres no excitement in them. Its like whoever is crashing them doesn't care about the song at all, and has several different things running across his mind.

Its a good song in all, but theres just not a "WHOA" moment, its sorta monotonous and boring.

~DJ Myke~

Aviation responds:

...But I did have several things running across my mind, mainly why those stinkin' cymbals sounded so generic, but a lot was going on then. Besides, it's Misty Lake. Unless I was making a remix or rehash, there's not much "WHOA" to go on. o.o

Nostalgia Inducing

One of the better Song of Storms arrangements. The original compostion of this song was already beautiful, and you've possibly made it better.
I just like the harmonies in this piece, especially towards the end.

I imagine myself standing in the rain after some tragedy has happened, just looking up into the gray, skies. Its as if the sky cries when listening to this, all worries melt away into nothingness.

Sorry for this review, I just couldn't think of anything to say other than what comes to mind when hearing this.

Soundshifter responds:

well thanks a lot mike. i'm glad this song was able to produce imagery in your mind's eye. thanks for listening.

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